Thursday, May 11, 2006

God's Diary

Days 1-6

Created the stars, the skies, the firmament (sp.?), plants, animals, etc. Overall, I’d have to say it was good work.

Day 7

Day off. Did some reading and caught up on correspondence.

Day 8

Left for extended business trip. Lots of work to be done in outer galaxies.

Day 4,360,056,993,487

Wow! Time flies when you’re busy. Checked back on experimental project in remote corner of the Milky Way Galaxy. Locals have taken to calling their solar system "the Solar System." Residents of third planet appear very self-centered, call planet "the Earth" and their puny little moon "the Moon." Bad sign. (N. B.: set up billion-year BF system on planet creation files to timely terminate unsuccessful experiments.)

Retrieved notes from Days 1-6 and reviewed parameters for Milky Way sub-project JT-087 and, in particular, variables for Earth-based experiment. Looks like attempt at giving beings "free will" should have been monitored more closely.

Appears most residents profess belief in Me. However, I’m puzzled by the variety of conflicting credos. Started out with one God but somehow things have gone off the rails.

Sad to see that different sects have claimed monopoly on access to Me. Seems to have resulted in lots of wars and many deaths. Frankly, I never saw that coming.

Ones called Buddhists appear to be closest to the mark. But they’ve got such a depressing message. Can’t see them making great inroads with the rest.

Considered sending down an emissary, a messiah if you will. But it looks like some groups already believe I did that. Sending a real one now might just complicate things further.

Decided instead on putting self-identified, born-again Christian in charge of the most powerful nation to see what happens. I’ll check back in four to eight years to see if they’re really as stupid as they seem. May have to terminate experiment at that time. (Note to self: Don’t make use of term "Rapture"; it will only confuse the natives.)

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