Friday, September 08, 2006

Revised School Supply List

With continuing budgetary cutbacks and ongoing salary restrictions in most school districts, don’t be surprised if your child’s recommended school supply list this year looks something like this:


School Supply List Ms. Lawrence’s Grade Six Class Revised version (Sept./06)

* $4 donation on the first day of school with your child
* Six different lined notebooks (no spiral notebooks, please!)
* A school bag / backpack
* A pencil case
* One packet of ground coffee (no decaf, please)
* Small cone coffee filters
* A geometry set
* A pair of scissors
* Ink cartridge (Epson 400 or generic equivalent, B&W or color is fine)
* Cell phone card (any denomination)
* One package of sharpened colored pencils
* $5 donation on the second day of school
* A 30 cm. ruler
* Valium or any member of the diazepam family
* Glue sticks
* Two blue or colored pens
* Acetaminophen
* Tums and/or Rolaids
* A $6 donation on the third day of school
* Loose-leaf, three hole-punched, lined paper as needed
* Godiva chocolates (semi-sweet acceptable; dark preferred)
* Ear plugs
* Sleep mask
* Water bottle with flip top
* Airline-sized liquor bottles for arts and crafts (full, if possible)
* HB pencils
* Restaurant gift certificate (for future field trips)
* White erasers
* A $7 donation on the fourth day of school (optional for parents not interested in As or Bs)
* Those really tasty little cookies with almond slices on top that you can only get at the expensive food shops in the mall
* Anything from Bonwit Teller (size 8 for dresses; 6 for shoes but don’t, I repeat, don’t send in any more black pumps)
* Earrings are nice (however, please respect our school’s allergy policy - i.e. - gold or gold-plated only)
* An $8 donation on the fifth day of school (for parents of potential college-bound students only)

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