Thursday, September 21, 2006

New National Mottoes

When it comes to national mottos, it’s time for a change. Some are old. Some are boring. And some are even in Latin. Let’s start fresh with new ones:

Afghanistan: Rocks ‘R Us
Algeria: Sand ‘R Us
Andorra: Where ‘R Us?
Argentina: Please cry for us
Australia: Oz rules!
Austria: We’re not saying Hitler was right......
Belgium: Pardon our Flems
Brazil: Life’s a beach and then you die
Canada: Sorry, eh?
Chile: The anorexic state
China: We deliver
Cuba: Give us a break; he’s almost dead
Cyprus: We’re Greekish
Czech Republic: No more Slovaks
France: Surrender with honor
Germany: We knew nothing
Greece: It’s all Greek to us, too
Iceland: Can you spell Reykjavik?
India: Who’s counting?
Iraq: Arabs ‘R Us
Ireland: Catholics ‘R Us
Israel: Jews ‘R Us
Italy: We’re on your side
Jamaica: We always inhale
Japan: We’re not that sorry
Jordan: We’re not Palestine
Korea (North): We’re the bad Korea
Korea (South): We’re the good Korea
Kuwait: Southeast Iraq
Libya: Home of Qadhafi Duck
Luxembourg: You can’t get here from there
Mexico: Seriously, don’t dink the water
Netherlands: Dikes ‘ R Us
New Zealand: Where the hell’s Zealand?
Norway: Fjord you!
Pakistan: We’re everyone’s ally
Panama: A man, a plan, a canal, Panama
Poland: The original Polish joke
Portugal: Spain’s canker sore
Russia: We coulda been a contender
Saudi Arabia: Mind your own business
Sweden: Cradle to grave
Syria: Just grave
Togo: We’re not Tonga
Tonga: We’re not Togo
Trinidad and Tobago: We’re neither Tonga nor Togo
Turkey: Asia Minor my ass!
United Kingdom: Royal Disneyland
United States: You’re either with us or against us
Vietnam: We’re against you

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