Thursday, September 07, 2006

Let's Lead With Couric

Seldom reliable anonymous sources revealed the following overheard conversation in the CBS newsroom:

"OK, that wasn’t bad but we may have to rethink tonight’s lead."

"Yeah, you’re right. We finished fourth behind ABC, NBC and FOX. What happened?"

"Well, they went with Katie as their number one story. Everyone tuned in to get the news on our new anchor."

"Why didn’t we think of that? We had Couric right here. What would have been better than to have Katie lead with her own appointment? Katie?"

"I dunno, guys. I’d feel a bit uncomfortable reporting on my own position, especially as the lead."

"Fair enough. How about we put it as tomorrow night’s third story? That’s far enough down so we don’t look too self-centered but at the same time we give it some importance."

"No, no. Let’s put it as the human interest piece at the end of the newscast. What do you think, Katie?"

"I’m still not great with that. Maybe I could throw the story to Bob Shieffer and he could report on how happy he’s been to turn over the reins to me."

"Not a bad idea. But I’m not sure Bob is all that thrilled with passing the chair to you. How about we get Meredith Vieira to do the bit?"

"You mean ‘news item’, right?"

"Sure, sure, Katie. Whatever you say. We’ll get Meredith Vieira to do the news item."

"I like that but Meredith’s going to be with ‘The Today Show’ starting next week."

"That’s a news show, isn’t it?"

"Well, yeah, I guess you could say that."

"OK, let’s call Meredith and see if she’ll do the Katie item for tomorrow night’s broadcast."

"So, what else do we have for tomorrow?"

"Well, there’s Charlie Gibson’s anchor position at ABC being made permanent and NBC’s decision to go long term with Brian Williams and FOX’s search for a new big name to replace White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. And, oh yeah, more deaths in Iraq."

"OK, so we’re good to go for tomorrow night?"

"Yup, and let’s not forget our daily 9/11 tribute. Katie?"

"Sounds good to me. Thanks guys. You know, you were right. This is not much different from ‘The Today Show.’ Except there’s no window. Do you think maybe we could get a window?"

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