Thursday, May 11, 2017

Is Donald Trump My President?

     It’s often said that the current occupant of the White House is every American’s president notwithstanding their party affiliation. However, in Mr. Trump’s case and given today’s huge partisan divide, that rule seems to have gone out the window. To determine if he is, in fact, your president, just take the following brief quiz:
It looks like Trump’s tax plan disproportionately favors the very rich and some middle class Americans may actually pay more. How does that make you feel?
1) Those are just lies spread by the fake news. If President Trump says I’ll get a tax break then I know I will.
2) Billionaires and millionaires have needs, too. I’m sure the President will be fair.
3) I’m not very happy about that but let’s give him a chance to see how his plan plays out.
4) I told you so. What did you think he was going to do?
Mr. Trump has frequently expressed his admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Are you OK with that?
1) Absolutely. We need a strong leader, too.
2) I guess so. After all, George W. Bush looked into Putin’s eyes, got a sense of his soul and declared him trustworthy.
3) I’m a bit uncomfortable with that given Putin’s actions in Syria, Crimea and Ukraine.
4) Are you nuts? Putin’s a dangerous demagogue but then so, too, is Trump.
For years, Mr. Trump questioned Barack Obama’s American birth. Did you agree with him?
1) You betcha. I just wish he had also emphasized that Obama was also a Muslim.
2) It’s hard to say although that birth certificate Obama produced did look a little sketchy.
3) No but I do think that he created ISIS.
4) Aaaarrrggghh!
A video revealed that Trump was OK with sexually assaulting women. Does that change your opinion of him?
1) I am sure that the video was doctored by the failing media.
2) No, it was just locker room talk.
3) Maybe although if it was true I’m sure he’d apologize for it.
4) Lock him up.
 How do you feel about presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway?
1) She’s so sweet. I think she’s great.
2) I’m glad she knows what’s in Donald Trump’s heart.
3) I’m a little uncomfortable with her use of alternative facts.
4) Every time I see her I want to throw a brick at my TV screen.
How do you feel about Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon?
1) Who?
2) Is he the guy who turns into the Hulk?
3) He’s OK, I guess.
4) Are you crazy? He’s the devil incarnate.
President Trump has vowed to repeal and replace Obamacare. Do you agree with that position?
1) You bet. Obamacare is socialized medicine and is communist just like Canada.
2) Yes, so long as he doesn’t touch my Medicare.
3) Not completely. There are some things about Obamacare that should be retained.
4) Absolutely not. The only plan is to screw the working poor and benefit insurance companies.
Should President Trump release his tax returns?
1) No way. He’s rich and we know he doesn’t pay taxes so what’s the point?
2) I guess not. After all, he’s under audit.
3) I suppose it might be helpful.
4) Of course he should. He’s a crook, for God’s sake!
What do you think of President Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexican border?
1) The sooner the better.
2) I agree so long as Mexico pays for it.
3) Maybe we could scale it back a bit.
4) That’s absolutely insane and totally unnecessary.
Some have criticized President Trump’s temporary immigration directive as being a Muslim ban. Do you agree?
1) For sure. I wish he had included Indians and Asians as well.
2) Sean Spicer says it’s not a ban so it must not be a ban.
3) Strictly speaking, no.
4) What the hell else could it be?
     Now tally up your responses giving yourself one point for each 1) answer, two points for each 2) response and so on. See where you fit in:
10-15 points:  Trump is your President for Life.
16-25 points:  He’s your president for at least four years.
26-35 points:  Let’s wait and see.
36-40 points:  You wouldn’t have him as president of your local book club.

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