Friday, February 08, 2008

Bill Gates's Recent Google Searches

Bill Gates’s recent Google searches:

JANUARY 11, 2008: "prime computer takeover targets"

Prime Computer over-targets company objectives
Fast food company targets prime rib takeouts
Prime numbers key in computer company takeover
Sub-prime market targets company buyers

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JANUARY 17, 2008: "on-line search company for sale"

On-line sale of company searches for buyer
On-line sales spur company growth
Company Sells On-line Searches
Yahoo on-line search business undervalued

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JANUARY 25, 2008: "Yahoo share price today"

Yahoo trading in high teens - down from top share price
Yahoo! Rated "Strong Sell" Today
Investors CRAZY to buy Yahoo shares
Abort! Abort! Abort!

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FEBRUARY 1, 2008: "long-term growth projections for Yahoo"

Yahoo long considered to have growth potential
Yahoo considers growth projections proprietary info
Yahoo balance sheets no longer available on-line
Wassup Bill? Why all the enquiries about Yahoo?

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FEBRUARY 5, 2008: "Microsoft’s offer for Yahoo"

Back Off Gates, Yahoo’s Ours
Bill Gates is Satan of Computer World
Your Google Account is Suspended

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