Thursday, June 15, 2006

Test Your W.Q. Redux

Test your knowledge about George W. Bush with the following questions:

1. By how many votes did W lose to Al Gore in 2000?
2. What did the banner say on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln when W declared an end to hostilities in Iraq?
3. What book was W reading when informed of the 9/11 attacks?
4. How long did W stay in the elementary school after being informed of the attacks?
5. How long did W fail to show up for service in the Texas Air National Guard in 1972-73?
6. What was the title of W’s presidential daily briefing on August 6, 2001?
7. What is the name of W’s smarter, younger brother?
8. Approximately what percentage of his presidency has W spent at his Crawford, Texas ranch, Camp David and Kennebunkport, Maine?
9. In what state did W get arrested for DUI in 1976?
10. How many months was W late in filing a disclosure with the SEC of his sale of shares in Harken Energy?


1. About 500,000
2. "Mission Accomplished"
3. "My Pet Goat"
4. Half an hour
5. Approximately one year
6. "Bin Laden Determined to Strike Inside U.S."
7. Jeb
8. 40%
9. Maine
10. Nine

Score yourself:

0-2 correct: Shame on you. After all, this is the President we’re talking about.
3-4 correct: Not bad but you should probably brush up on your knowledge of W.
5-6 correct: Potential Republican supporter
7-8 correct: Friend of W
9-10 correct: You know way too much about W and are probably a Democrat.

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