Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Kennedys Heard From

Caroline Kennedy pens an op-ed endorsement of Barack Obama in The New York Times and Uncle Ted signs on, too. But then Kerry Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend jointly write an opinion piece for The L. A. Times in support of Hillary Clinton.
Apparently this is not the end of this year’s battle for a Kennedy blessing. Look for these upcoming endorsements:

Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Sister of the famous Kennedy brothers and wife of 1972 Vice Presidential candidate Sargent Shriver, Eunice Kennedy has come out four-square for no one. "They’re all such fine candidates," said Ms. Shriver. "I think it would be a shame to give my support to just one." When asked if her communal support also applied to Dennis Kucinich, the Kennedy sibling quickly retorted: "Of course not! Do you think I’m crazy?"

Jean Ann Kennedy Smith
Perhaps the least known of the third generation of Kennedy siblings, Ms. Smith has a favorite in this year’s nomination races but she’s not saying who it is. "What’s the point," said the former U. S. ambassador to Ireland. "Who the hell cares what I think about national politics?" Ms. Smith may be selling herself short since her unstated preference for Mike Huckabee, if known, might well capture some interest.

Ethel Kennedy
Wife of the late Robert F. Kennedy, Ethel wants nothing to do with this year’s nominees. "Frankly," said the mother of eleven. "If I never see another Kennedy again it will be too soon." However, when pressed, she did express some grudging admiration for Hillary Clinton. "Anyone who can put up with a serial philanderer like Bill," said Ms. Kennedy. "Deserves at least some recognition."

William Kennedy Smith
Second son of Jean Ann Kennedy Smith, William was annoyed and angered by media attempts to discern his political preference. "Ever since my acquittal on rape charges in 1991," said Smith. "I’ve been trying to avoid you guys like the plague. If I give you a name, will you leave me alone?" In a desperate attempt to get rid of enquiring reporters, Smith finally expressed a preference for Hillary Clinton. "I’ve always had an eye for the ladies," said the physician.

Beauregard Kennedy
A distant cousin to the Boston-based Kennedy clan, Beauregard Kennedy is a longtime resident of Irish Corners, Kentucky where he has carried on for years in the family distilling business. "I always prided myself in being in the same industry as old Joe Kennedy," said Beauregard. "By making an honest living in the beverage business." As for his Presidential preferences, Mr. Kennedy simply said: "Like old Joe, I’ll vote for the man or woman who gets rid of these antiquated laws against alcohol manufacture and distribution."

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