Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The National Automobile Rights Association

  We here at the National Automobile Rights Association condemn in the strongest possible terms the heinous actions of one disturbed individual in Charlottesville, Virginia who used his vehicle in the most irresponsible manner to cause death and mayhem. This incident is just the latest in a series of tragedies in which foreign and domestic terrorists have used vehicles as weapons to wreak havoc on an innocent population.
     While we are saddened by the latest tragedy, we must speak out against those dangerous voices who use such events as an excuse to call for more automobile regulation. Already we are hearing the calls from liberals, militant cyclists and mass transit advocates to ban cars altogether.
     For years, we here at the NARA have been advocating for fewer regulations on our nation’s roads and highways. It has often been a losing battle but we will not stop in our efforts to protect our citizens’ driving rights and freedoms and to roll back the decades of restrictive rules and regulations. After all, as we often say: “Cars don’t kill people; drivers kill people.”
     This nation has long suffered at the hands of small-minded bureaucrats who have added one regulation after another until our individual driving freedom has been almost totally suffocated. We say that enough is enough; it’s time to fight back, repeal all restrictive licensing and driving rules and regulations and liberate America’s drivers.
     It is time to eliminate the requirement to classify your vehicle by weight and class and to obtain a registration within that class. Given the excessive fees, this constitutes nothing more than taxation without representation.
     It is also time to get rid of the requirement to obtain a driver’s license. There should be no limitations by age or experience. Leave it to individuals and parents to decide when and where someone can drive. Keep the nanny state out of America’s carports and garages.
      Halt the efforts of leftwing do-gooders and repeal requirements for mechanical upkeep, safety inspections and emissions testing. We must also liberate our nation from the tyranny of parking meters, opposite street parking and parking tickets. The Founding Fathers had no such limitations and clearly did not intend that we have them either.
     Furthermore, let’s put a stop to the myriad of highway traffic laws that limit the right to drive to such an extent that it’s hardly a right anymore. Such silly and excessive restrictions as traffic signs and lights, driving at required speeds and driving on the right do nothing more than drain the joy and freedom from driving.
     If we could do away with government interference in the ownership and operation of motor vehicles, we could save billions of dollars annually and decrease incidents of terrorist vehicular homicide. If everyone had unrestrained use of a car, there would be far fewer successful attacks since when someone started racing towards a crowd, there would likely be a driver nearby who could ram the offending vehicle and thereby save countless lives.
     The National Automobile Rights Association will continue to fight against further restraints and limits on our driving freedoms but it is a daunting task. To aid us in our battle, we ask for your support in passing a new Constitutional Amendment to read as follows:
          “A well travelled road and highway system being necessary for free movement
          within and between the States, the right of the People to own and drive cars
          shall not be infringed.”

Give what you can and remember our guiding words: "You can have my vehicle when 

you pry the steering wheel from my cold, dead hands."

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