Sunday, April 16, 2017


     Hello, I’m Donald Trump and I want to introduce you to a product that’s going to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. It’s called AmericaGreat and now’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
     All you have to do to get this great deal is sign up as a Silver Trump Supporter. For a ridiculously low introductory price of $99, we’ll send you one case of AmericaGreat products and all the literature you’ll need to help convince your friends, neighbors and family members to also sign up.
     For every person you enlist, you'll get a 25% discount on every subsequent purchase of AmericaGreat items, be it our weight loss powder, our get-rich-quick formula, our get-a-great job supplement or our all-purpose ethnic cleanser. And once you’ve signed up at least ten other people, you’ll become a Gold Trump Supporter which allows you to take a percentage of any sales by those you’ve already signed up.
     Once you’ve recruited a hundred folks, you’ll become a Platinum Trump Supporter or what we call one of the Trump Elite. Not only will you get huge discounts on all of our AmericaGreat products. You’ll also get added bonuses like huge tax breaks and lots and lots of regulatory exemptions.
     We’re what’s called a multi-level marketing enterprise or what some call a direct selling business. Some have labeled us a sham or a pyramid scheme but they’re just members of the failing media who traffic in fake news.
     Trust me; we are perfectly legit. The sooner you sign up for AmericaGreat, the sooner you can take advantage of all our fabulous products. And the more money you make, the bigger the tax break you’ll get and, just like me, the richer you’ll become. Who knows? You may even get to enter our inner circle and become a Trump Cabinet Member.
     I’m hearing great things about how my product has changed people’s lives in so many ways. People are saying that AmericaGreat will make you and everyone you know rich, thin, white and super-successful.    
     If you don’t have a job, AmericaGreat will give you a job. If you don’t have any money, it will earn you lots and lots of money. If you need to lose weight, it will even do that. Within months, you’ll be a winner. In fact, you’ll be winning so much that you’ll be tired of winning.
     AmericaGreat is just for Americans; it’s not available to anyone else. That’s why we’ve opted out of various trade deals to ensure that foreigners can’t take advantage of this opportunity. And that’s why we’re building a wall along the Mexican border to keep still others from illegally sneaking in and signing up.
     AmericaGreat is so fantastic that people are going to be joining like crazy. So now is the time to get in on the action. Don’t wait four years and find out that it’s too late and your chance has disappeared.
     You can stick with your humdrum life and never achieve your dreams. You can believe in the fairy tales and Ponzi schemes the Democrats are trying to sell you. Or you can choose to jump on the AmericaGreat bandwagon today and instantly achieve fantastic success like you’ve never seen before.
     Pick up the phone, call 1-800-AMERICA and start succeeding. Remember; we’re AmericaGreat and we’ve been selling Americans a bill of goods for years. 

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