Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Parliamentary Valentines

It’s Valentine’s Day and millions of schoolkids across the land will be giving one another cards. But most people are unaware of a similar tradition in the House of Commons where MPs also exchange special Valentine’s greetings. Here’s a sampling of this year’s cards:

Stephen Harper to Jack Layton
I really like to be with you,
You are my special friend.
But if you fail to vote with me,
Our friendship’s at an end.
Won’t you be my minority Valentine?

Jack Layton to Stephen Harper
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
So long as you’re green,
I’ll vote next to you.
Let’s be environmental Valentines.

Stephen Harper to Stéphane Dion
Sorry about the attack ads,
It’s kind of what we do.
But when it comes to Liberal leaders,
There’s none more prized than you.
Will you be my electoral Valentine?

Stéphane Dion to Stephen Harper
What’s in a name?
That which we call a Tory
By any other name would be as right.
So a Conservative would, were he not Reformer called.
Stephen, won’t you be my Opposition Valentine?

Garth Turner to Stéphane Dion
I was an old red Tory,
I’ve been a blue one, too.
But since I’ve joined your party,
I’m Liberal through and through.
Can I be your crossover Valentine?

Michael Ignatieff to Stéphane Dion
Love is patient and kind,
Love does not envy or boast,
It is not arrogant.
But mostly love is patient,
And I love waiting for you to fail.
Won’t you be my former leader?

Stephen Harper to Rona Ambrose
O my luve’s like a climate accord,
That’s newly broke in two.
We had to toss Kyoto,
And switch John Baird for you.
Please be my Intergovernmental Valentine.

Gilles Duceppe to everybody
I can’t be your lover,
And I can’t be your friend
Until we have "les deux nations"
And Canada will end.
Please be my separate Valentine.

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